Dirk offers an  eco-friendly garden service with a personal touch and attention to detail.  If you love gardening but hate all that hard digging and lifting, Dirk's hands-on approach to garden services is right for you!

Dirk will:     

  • Plant shrubs, perennials, groundcovers & bulbs
  • Prune roses and shrubs
  • Mulching & planting of beds and containers
  • Create "edible" herb and vegetable gardens
  • Remove or cut back blackberry and ivy.
  • Indigeneous and eco-friendly designs
  • Soft-Landscaping portfolio
  • Indoor Spaces portfolio
General Maintenance

Dirk is passionate about gardening, and does not hire labourers but does all work personally.  Therefore he does not offer general garden maintenance but can advise, train and assist with bed preparation, pruning, mulching and relocation of plants and shrubs. He works with you to propagate and transplant your valuable plants and shrubs to ensure survival and prevent overcrowding.

If you are travelling or on holiday and you are concerned about your garden, Dirk can offer a "watering" service while you are away.


Irrigation & Water Features

Dirk offers irrigation design and installation on the Vancouver North Shore. He will evaluate your landscape's irrigation needs, including the lawn areas and planting beds. Based on your needs and budget, he will design an irrigation plan customized to provide efficient, evenly distributed and deep watering for your lawn and plants—without wasting a drop.

He removes leaves from blocked drains and guttering, and can help you set up water-wise rain capture systems.


Hard Landscaping

Driveways, walkways and walls are all major components of the outdoor landscape and help to create a low maintenance yet welcoming environment. Dirk can design and install:

  • Wooden fencing and damaged wooden gates.
  • Brick walls or structural retaining systems
  • Custom wrought iron fencing and gates
  • Steps, paved walkways & sleeperwood paths
  • Braai or seating areas
  • Hard-Landscaping portfolio